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MedTrans Go provides non-emergency medical transportation and interpretation services in one simple interface. Manage transportation and interpretation requests with easy scheduling, efficient invoicing and more.

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Meet The Founder

Dr. Obi Ugwonali is a highly qualified double-board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand surgery.  Dr. Ugwonali is currently a partner and in leadership at one of the top orthopedic practices in the country. He is also the former Chair of Orthopedic Surgery at Northside Hospital in Atlanta for 8 years and the former medical director for Peachtree Orthopedic Surgery Center.  He earned his Bachelor of Arts and Science in Economics and Biology at Stanford University and his medical degree from the Yale School of Medicine. He then did his surgical training and fellowship at Columbia University and Harvard University. 

As the founder of MedTrans Go, Dr. Ugwonali identified a problem in the delivery of efficient healthcare. Standing in the operating room one morning, he was all set to perform two procedures - his team was assembled, including nurses, assistants, and anesthesiologists - everything was ready to go except his appointments never showed up. Not only was this a costly blow to the staff and the surgical center, imagine the feeling of those who needed the care and simply couldn’t find a way to travel safely to get the care they needed.


With MedTrans Go, there’s now a solution. Dr. Ugwonali has assembled the best new technologies, and the best practices of the most successful institutions in order to provide couch-to-couch transportation - coupled with a translation and concierge companionship service that no one else offers - creating the most personal patient experience in the country.

Meet The Team

Dana Weeks

Chief Operations Officer

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Steve Brett

Chief Marketing Officer

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Technology & Operations

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